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M.P Sasidharan
Beena Sasidharan
R.S.Beena Sasidharan
Our Vision & Mission
Our Mission of the Institute for Employment Services is to prepare efficient and capable young professionals through intellectually engaging experiences in theory, method, and research that connect them to the communities in which they live and serve.
Dear Friend,
      We proudly claim that we are a credible and dependable banking service training institute of high reputation. We have already moulded 10,000 bank employees, both Officers as well as Clerks, within a span of 20 years. So many Vacancies are being expected in two or three years in different banks. So massive recruitment is awaited. We take up this challenge and plan a constant, aggressive and belligerent move to impart instruction and skill for prospective bank employees. Not mere success, but distinction is our motto. Join the institute immediately with firm decision to work hard and co-operate with us to reap laurels.
with regards,

       Yours faithfully,

              M.P. Sasidharan
              R.S. Beena Sasidharan
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